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Bread Making Machines / Bread Baking Machines

Our company is indulge in making bread plants, bread baking plants and bread baking ovens etc.

High Speed Mixer

POWER 440 V 4 KW 12 KW 20 KW
FEATURES With "BESTO". Our bread making plants and bread machines includes HIGH SPEED MIXER, the dough development is achieved with 3 minutes of mixing., The dough does not require any fermentation and can be divided immediately. An additional quantity of 5-7% of water can be added per batch, thus resulting in extra yield. Better consistency of dough results more uniform quality of bread.

Better result even a weaker flour.
All the mixing surfaces are made out of stainless steel .
Only three mixing bowls are required.
Easy to operate.
Complete with electrical.

Spiral Mixer

MODEL SM-50 SM-90 SM-120
POWER 440 V 5 KW 7 KW 8 KW
FEATURES Our bread making machines includes Spiral mixer fixed bowl available in range from 85 kg to 200 kg of dough capacity. Great advantage lies in the spiral kneading principle. The "BESTO" Spiral Mixers are suitable for all types of dough".

Excessive temperature increase in the dough avoided Short kneading time 5 – 10 minutes according to the type of dough.
Excellent dough qualities – smooth, silky & well developed. Quality baked products: smooth texture.
Stainless steel: the dough contacting parts – are made of specified stainless steel.
Dual speed & less power consumption: Two speeds for the spiral & bowl with relative timers for programmation of kneading time, lower energetic consumption determined by the proper ration between the size & of the spiral.

Planetary Mixer

These bread plants includes general purpose Mixers available to suit all your requirements for mixing, however large or small. The mixer are custom built to suit almost every type of mixing and blending jobs with consistency in the finished products. Available are egg whisk, better and dough books which can be used for pie mixing, light batter ( sponge cake), whipped cream, egg whites, yoke shire, batter, rolled heavy dough, mayonnaise, puddings etc. The mixers are designed to have a compact and a reliable rugged construction, to provide the highest standard of dependability, trouble free operation and ease of maintenance.

The streamlined fully fabricated steel body construction makes it very easy to clean and keep in neat of a tidy.

The choice 3 speeds, low medium and high, can be selected from an in built gear box by means of a lever.

The stainless steel bowl can be lowered or lifted by a hand ever. The machine will always have ample power as the gears will ensure positive drive even when subjected to the heaviest loads

Dough Moulder

Dough Moulder machine as a bread making plant can be used for all types of dough in small and medium sized bakeries.

Construction :
The construction is simple, safe and open. All moving parts have ball bearings. Stainless steel rollers are fitted with individual spring loaded teflon scrapers, is easily accessible for cleaning. All touchable parts are nickel &. Chrome plated.

Features :

» Dough weight range from 400, 600, 800 gms.
» Maximum length of moulded dough rolls 350 to 400 mm.
» Maintenance free.
» The machine has castor for transportation.
» ON/OFF switch and line indicator in the side of the machine.
» This machine requires very little space and foundation is not required.
» Each machine is tested with dough before it leaves our factory.
» Squeeze Roller - 3 pair S. Steel

Capacity : 1800 loaves per hour
Motor : 2 HPEM 960 RPM 440 V/AC
Weight : 750 Kg (approx.)
Dimensions : 120" Length, 30" Width, 66" Height

Rotary Rack Oven

Features :
» Rotary Rack Oven with turntable
» Stainless Steel body & baking chamber for easy maintenance
» One-piece door with heat reflecting glass
» Specially designed gasket gives complete sealing of door
» Large steel heat exchanger ensures lower fuel consumption & fully indirect heating. From cold to 250° C in 20 mts
» Max. Temperature 350° C. Precisely controlled by Electronic Digital Display Controller
»Pictorial indicating plate with two languages for better understanding
» Steam generator on feed wall for better steaming
» Excellent air distribution system for optimum baking performance
» Illuminating elements outside main heating chamber with off facility to reduce electricity bills
» A large extended Steel Hood with strips
» Easy handling process, requires minimum training
» The Trolly is stopped automatically in fixed loading /unloading position.

Oven has been appreciated by many & users are happy & satisfied by Oven Performance.

Capacity :

350 Loaves (400 gms) per batch (Half Hour)
180 Loaves (800 gms) per batch ( Half hour)

Technical Data
Model Outer Dimensions in mm & inches Approx. Elec. Required Approx. Fuel Consumption Per hr.
A B C Clearance H   L.P. GAS DIESEL
DR-BOI 2670 105 1950 77 2450 96 3300 130 1.5 kw 2.7 kg/hr 3.5 Lts/hr.
SR-BOI 2150 85 1570 62 2450 96 3300 130 1.25 kw 1.5 kg 2.5 Lts
MR-BOI 1600 64 1500 60 2400 94 3000 130 1.25 kw 1.3 kg 2.2 Lts

Bread Baking Oven/ Tunnel / Travelling Oven

Construction :
Our bread making plants includes oven body consists of steel steam tight tunnel with equally divided zones of the radiators. Stainless steel expansion joints are provided between these zones in order to eliminate the expansion of the oven section. The inspection doors are provided for inspection of the baking goods during the process.

Firing Chambers:
The complete chamber will be insulated with minerwoll filled from outside to conserve heat and increase efficiency. The fully automatic imported oil/gas, fired burner shall be fitted to the chamber and the temperature shall be controlled by automatic temperature controller on the control panel.

High Speed Slicer

MODEL HS - 100
POWER 440 V 2.4 KW, 1440 RPM
DIMENSION [W] 950 x [I] 2250 x [H] 1310 MM
FEATURES The bread baking machines are designed to slice different sizes of Bread. The ‘BESTO"HIGH SPEED SLICER is three time more efficient then ordinary manual feed continuous operation at a higher slicing rate of 1500 loaves per hour. This bread baking plants are virtually maintenance free, noiseless, sturdy design and equipped with well balanced moving parts as reciprocating motion of the blades is through a specially designed crank shaft housed in oil bath for continuous lubrication.
Uniform slicing * less frequent blade sharpening and quick changing of blades by un-skilled workers * continuous feeding through sets of conveyor belts.

Dough Divider

Dough Divider machine can be used for all types of dough, which is equipped with two standard dividing pistons. The dough hopper can be filled either manually or with lifting & tilling device depending on out put (no. of dough pieces per hour). The machine can be used either for manual removal of the dough pieces or in the scmi automatic bread plant.

All controls such is the hand wheel for weight adjustment from 200 grms to 1000 grin, the on/off switch as well as hand wheel for variable speed drive upto 1600 pieces P/hour, installed at the front and side of the machine and are therefore easily accessible Lubrication.

Machine is fitted with automatic oiling or greasing systems. All moving parts are on bearing and brass bushes. Machine is covered with covers from all sides for safety precautions of avoiding any type of accidents. This machine requires very little space and foundation is not required.

Capacity : 1600 pieces P/H of 200 gms to 1000 gms
Motor : 3 H/P 440/220 Volts
Net Weight : 1000 Kg
Gross Weight : 1300 kg
Dimensions : 78 1/2" Width, 65" Height 62" Length

Dough Rounder

Construction :
This machine is designed with a rotating cone and spiral aluminum tracks around it. The rounder will round the dough pieces after dividing, enables to handle soft and non standard dough for automatic operation. The rounder can be connected to a dough divider and to a first proover.

The cone has ridges and the aluminum tracks are adjustable. Built in blower with cold air prevents the piece from sticking. All moving parts have ball bearings and the machine has castor for transportation. It is covered from all sides for safety precautions to avoid any type of accidents and needs very little space and no foundation.


» Completely enclosed base.
» Adjustable rounding tracks.
» Mechanised flour duster.
» Rounding time can be fixed.
» Maintenance free.
» Can be operated by unskilled labour.
» Weight range from 400 to 800 gms.
» ON/OFF switch and line indicator in the front of the machine.

Capacity : 1800 loaves per hour
Motor : 3 HPEM 440 V/AC
Weight : 750 Kg (approx.)
Dimensions : 48" Length, 48" Width, 55" Height

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